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Parent Code of Conduct Policy


Wadsworth Little League, to be referred to as WLL, has a adopted this Parent Code of Conduct Policy with the goal of promoting positive behavior and interaction among players, coaches, managers, umpires and spectators and to insure an enjoyable atmosphere for all participants. 


As a parent of a child playing in WLL, the following “Expectation of Conduct” will apply at all WLL games, practices and all other league related activities: 


1) I will respect league officials, fans, coaches, umpires and players. 

2) I will respect decisions made by league officials. 

3) I will not interfere in any way with the playing of the game.  

4) I will positively support teams in every way possible. 

5) I will refrain from profanity or display anger that draws attention away from the game. 

6) I will not demean, intimidate, verbally abuse or threaten any child, coach, umpire or league official.

7) I will not confront, argue with or threaten any coach, umpire or league official. 

8) I will treat competition as a game and keep winning in its proper place. 

9) I will not criticize officials in any way or show displays of anger with an official’s call.

10) I will encourage my child to display good sportsmanship, fair play and appropriate behavior at all times. 

11) I will support the rules and regulations of WLL.  

12) I will conduct myself appropriately at all WLL games, practices and activities.


Any participant who does not conform to the “Expectation of Conduct” may be subject to penalties levied at the sole discretion of the WLL Board of Directors.


Zero Tolerance Policy

WLL will implement a “Zero Tolerance” policy for any behavior deemed violent in nature. For the purpose of this policy, violence includes, but is not limited to, the following behaviors: 


1) Verbal assaults 

2) Threats and attempts to intimidate 

3) Throwing articles in a deliberate or aggressive manner 

4) Aggressive approaches to another individual 

5) Attempted or physical striking of another individual 

6) Attempts to goad or incite violence in others 

7) Vandalism to building or property 

8) Racial or ethnic slurs 

9) Use of profanity  


Any person that commits a violent offense will be banned from WLL events for the remainder of that season. His/her Child(ren) may also be removed from WLL for the remainder of that season, subject to a review and determination by the WLL Board of Directors. All league fees will be non-refundable for any violation of this policy.

Field Status

Open Open

AC (06:02 AM | 06/21/19)

Open Open

Durling (06:02 AM | 06/21/19)

Open Open

Friedt (04:24 PM | 06/10/20)

Open Open

Isham Ballfield (08:33 AM | 06/26/20)

Open Open

Memorial (06:02 AM | 06/21/19)

Open Open

Miller (06:02 AM | 06/21/19)

Open Open

Overlook (06:02 AM | 06/21/19)

Open Open

Parsons (06:02 AM | 06/21/19)

Open Open

Valleyview Park (06:02 AM | 06/21/19)

Open Open

Weatherstone (06:02 AM | 06/21/19)

Open Open

Seville Rezac (07:33 AM | 06/16/20)

Open Open

Seville Tischer (07:33 AM | 06/16/20)

Open Open

Seville Markley (01:31 PM | 07/02/20)

Open Open

Westfield #2 (10u & 12u) (07:33 AM | 06/16/20)

Open Open

Westfield #3 (8u & 10u) (07:33 AM | 06/16/20)

Open Open

Lafayette Field 2 (07:33 AM | 06/16/20)

Open Open

Lafayette Field #3 (15u) (07:33 AM | 06/16/20)

Open Open

Lodi (08:57 AM | 06/22/20)

Open Open

Richman Field 1 (08:57 AM | 06/22/20)

Open Open

Richman Field 2 (08:57 AM | 06/22/20)

Open Open

Chatham (09:42 AM | 06/28/20)

Open Open

Field 1 (09:42 AM | 06/28/20)

Open Open

Field 2 (09:42 AM | 06/28/20)

Open Open

Field 3 (09:42 AM | 06/28/20)